Cesar Mc

Famous Brazilian International hip-hop music artist Cesar Mc and his most viewed song on YouTube is Poesia Acústica. Did you know about his musical career and his total net worth?

Cesar Mc is the stage name of this Brazilian singer, and Resende Lemosis is the full and real name of this international artist. He is most famous in Brazil country.

He is mostly active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We can clearly figure out his popularity by his Instagram followers, and he has more than 958k followers on his Instagram. Cesar has a YouTube channel called pineappleStromTV, and his Instagram has verified that it shows his craziness fan base on Instagram.

Furthermore, he has a YouTube channel named pineappleStromTV, Where he uploads his songs on YouTube channel. This channel is so famous with 8.7 million subscribers, which is huge, and from this channel, many other artists were featured.

Name Cesar Mc (Cesar Resende Lemos)
Gender Male
Nationality Brazilian
Profession Musical Artist
Instagram @cesarmc027
Twitter @FcCesarMc

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Cesar Mc Wiki

Cesar Mc is a Brazilian-based music artist. He did so many songs in the Brazilian language, and he did so many collaborations with many other artists. He is working on many songs, which are featured on many online streaming platforms and YouTube. Not only that, but most of the songs were watched by a million people around the world.

The singer has a Deezer account with 190k Fan liked his work. In his Deezer account, he uploads his good musical work and other projects. He is most active in the music industry and gave so much contribution to the industry. He uploads his latest tracks on his Deezer account as well as the YouTube channel.

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— Cesar mc (@CesarMc027) February 7, 2021

How Old Is Cesar Mc?

The real age of Cesar MC is not known.

The Brazilian singer’s birthplace was Vitoria in the State of Espírito Santo, but his date of birth is not disclosed on any social media platforms.

What Is His Relationship Status?

Cesar’s relationship status is not disclosed on any social media platforms, but he is a Brazilian Rapper and worked with various kinds of female artists. He posted some pictures of a female artist on his Instagram account, but there is no confirmation about his relationship.

What Is His Net Worth?

The total net worth of Cesar Mc is not disclosed on any social media platforms. Still, he is a famous Rapper, and he has a million followers on Instagram and other social media. He is a Rapper, and he did so many live shows, music albums, and concerts.

Not only that, but he earned a good amount of money from that kind of event. There is no exact date for his net worth.

10 Facts to Know about Cesar Mc

Cesar Mc did two music Albums named Corvete and Reborns.Cesar is associated with many other record labels like a Black bear, Cesar Mc, and other record labels.Mc has an Official Twitter account with170k followers.He followed 237 people from his official Twitter account.The Brazilian singer joined the Twitter account in September 2016.Not only that, but he has an official Facebook page with 26k followers.Cesar followed 1047 people from his Instagram account.He posted 252 posts on Instagram.Cesar had so many songs on YouTube and other Deezer account.Furthermore, he had a verified Instagram official account.