Who Is Twitch Star Eliasn97 Girlfriend Melina? Meet The Couple On Instagram

People are curious about Twitch star Eliasn97 and his girlfriend, Melina. Read the article below as we explore more details about him.

Eliasn97 is a YouTube user who usually uploads videos connected to the FIFA video game series.

The streamer has amassed most of his YouTube audience since the second half of 2020, similar to Twitch.

He has more than 600k subscribers on his Youtube page and streams regularly, mostly in German. Even though most of his gaming setup is in German, Eliasn97 now has a monthly viewership of around 5 million.

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1 Who Is Twitch Star Eliasn97 Girlfriend Melina? Meet The Couple On Instagram2 Eliasn97 Real Name Revealed3 Eliasn97 Parents: Meet His Father And Mother4 Eliasn97 Net Worth: How Much Does He Make?5 Eliasn97 Wikipedia And Age

Who Is Twitch Star Eliasn97 Girlfriend Melina? Meet The Couple On Instagram

Eliasn97 recently posted a picture of him and his girlfriend @melina.msxou on Instagram.

His girlfriend’s name is Melina, and she is quite popular on Instagram. She is 23 years old and is probably an Instagram model. She is German and hails from Berlin.

She is extremely attractive and tall and posts pictures of her frequently on social media. She loves traveling and posts a lot of vacation pictures.

She is greatly in love with Elias and has been together for a very long time now. Their Instagram posts indeed make a cute couple goals moment.

Eliasn97 Real Name Revealed

The real name of Eliasn97 is Elias Nerlich.

Eliasn97’s true name is Elias Nerlich. Most of his broadcasts these days are labeled “Simply Chatting.” He is on Instagram as @eliasn97 and has more than 700k followers.

He enjoys a range of games in addition to FIFA 21 and is a self-proclaimed football fan who supports Hertha BSC and attends games regularly.

In February 2021, Eliasn97’s most famous endorsers included 14,573 concurrent Twitch admirers. With the help of ex-footballer Sidney Friede, who had recently quit at the age of 23, he dissolved the organization.

Eliasn97 Parents: Meet His Father And Mother

Eliasn97 is incredibly discreet when it comes to his personal life. The identities and occupations of his parents are similarly disguised beneath the curtains.

He has not talked about his parents ever since the beginning of his channel. But he must be from a well-built family, considering his lavish lifestyle.

He is mostly surrounded by his friends and spends most of his time with his girlfriend.

Eliasn97 Net Worth: How Much Does He Make?

The exact net worth of Eliasn97 has not yet been revealed. Different sites have estimated his total assets to be between $100,000 and $150,000.

Despite the fact that twitch streamer is well-known on his different online media accounts, he is projected to make a lot of money thanks to his deal with Hertha BSC.

Nonetheless, according to multiple sources, the decoration will have total assets of more than $200k, with endorsements accounting for the majority of his riches.

The average annual profit of Eliasn97 is around $700,000.

Eliasn97 Wikipedia And Age

Eliasn97 is still not listed on the official Wikipedia page yet. He is of age 21 as of 2022. The Twitch streamer birth dates have yet to be revealed. “Hoist” is his apparel brand, and he is the founder and CEO.

With the support of ex-footballer Sidney Friede, who recently quit at the age of 23, he sent the organization.

Eliasn97 is a Hertha BSC supporter who often attends games at the Olympiastadion Berlin. Eliasn97 has recently been one of the recognizable German decorations which have helped various Mario Kart 8 Twitch tournaments for cash.

There were competitions with general prize pools of around $15,000 in total.

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